About Me


I‘m Savi Kaboo, an American – Egyptian rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, who grew up in Vienna, Austria. Coming from a family of artists, my passion has been instilled in me from the very beginning. After having put my main focus on visual art for the majority of my life, though I have always loved rapping, singing and writing poetry, I just launched my music career in 2020. Ever since then writing songs and performing them has become the main outlet for my soul, though I also really enjoy making my album Covers and Music Videos.

Art is my way to connect with people on a very deep level and hopefully bring them light through it. While encouraging them to be their true selves freely I’m spreading peace, love and glitter. Therefore the Glitter gang is constantly attracting new amazing people, a community that I am endlessly grateful for. Together we are constantly expanding our consciousness and growing.

I don’t like to put things in boxes, and my musical path embodies that, by continuously playfully evolving, without the need for any specific categorization.

Above all, just enjoy the music

Art will save the world!

Baggage Hurting Lost J Mess Lonely 4 U Only Fairylights